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Open the Future℠

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Uniting privacy and technology with your business goals.

Hosch & Morris, PLLC is a Dallas-based boutique law firm dedicated to privacy and technology. We advise businesses, government entities, and other law firms on privacy, data use, data protection and IT transactions. We represent clients in the way that we would want to be represented—efficiently, pragmatically, and with individualized attention—operationalizing our clients’ privacy programs, helping them get the secure technologies and digital presence they need, and guiding them in the best ways to develop and commercialize their data for the future.

We bring extensive litigation, transactional, technology, and privacy experience to this work: 

  • Transaction and Litigation Experience. Collectively, Charles Hosch and Kate Morris have spent over 45 years in both transaction and trial work in technology matters – not only writing and negotiating many varied, complex, and detailed agreements, but sitting with our clients as trial counsel “in every seat in the courtroom,” representing technology developers, vendors, and customers, as buyers or sellers, claimants or respondents, for technology development, application, service, licensing, or more; as mediator helping litigants resolve disagreements; and as arbitrator hearing both sides and deciding the issues where the parties cannot agree. Decades of first-chair and neutral experience with “what these contracts look like with trial-exhibit stickers on them” are of great help in writing and negotiating technology contracts;

  • Technology Depth. After pursuing a master’s degree in artificial intelligence, Russ Pearlman’s career in technology has spanned 25 years from hands-on system implementation through technology architecture and to digital strategy. Having worked as both a consultant and executive (including years as Chief Information Officer and Chief Technology Officer at various companies), his experience is of great help to our clients. Especially invaluable is his ability to dive deep into complex technology problems while explaining it to non-technology executives in plain English. Now as an attorney, Russ Pearlman is able to bring learnings from his career in technology and business to aid our clients in interpreting their needs, developing their requirements, and assisting in vendor agreements; and

  • Privacy Depth. Charles Hosch and Kate Morris are both triple-certified by the International Association of Privacy Professionals with the CIPP/US, CIPP/E, and CIPM certifications. They use their privacy knowledge daily, focusing on the detailed work required for data-mapping, “vendor management,” data-subject access requests and other detailed contracting and operational requirements of the emerging world of privacy, and helping the firm solve problems for its clients in a manner that looks to the future.


Our purpose

To serve our clients, our community and our legal system with an unshakable commitment to our mission and our core values.

Our mission

We aim to grow, improve and maximize the value of the data and technologies on which our clients’ businesses are built by dealing with privacy and information security risks upfront.

Our core values

Our core values are at the heart of our firm’s approach to every issue. They are:

· Legal excellence in what we do;

· Courage to always do what is right, and in the best interests of our clients;

· Service with the highest level of ethics, integrity and professionalism;

· Devotion to clients, community and the legal system;

· Progressiveness, innovation and constant improvement;

· Respect, collaboration and collegiality; and

· Unity of purpose.

Vision Statement

To Open the Future℠ for those we serve as the preeminent privacy and technology law firm in the world.